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4th to 10th of July 2011 - RoboCupRescue 2011 taking place in Instanbul, Turkey.


3D view of the 1/4 Kobe map

The purpose of the RoboCup Rescue Agents Simulation Project is twofold. First, it aims to develop develop simulators that form the infrastructure of the simulation system and emulate realistic phenomena predominant in disasters. Second, it aims to develop intelligent agents that are given the capabilities of the main actors in a disaster response scenario.

The RoboCup Rescue simulation platform currently runs a Kernel which connects the following main simulators:

  • Traffic simulator - enforces rules of traffic (e.g. one-way, multi-lane roads) and simulates traffic jams and the movements of agents along roads on a map (given spped and direction.
  • Fire Simulator - simulates the processes involved in the propagation of fire according to the properties of buildings, wind direction, and water content.
  • Civilian Simulator - simulates the behaviour of civilians such as movement along roads.

Given the environment created by the simulators, agents must be developed to undertake the role of Police Forces, Fire Brigades, and Ambulance Teams each with their own capabilities.

participants at Robocup 2007

The main driver of development for the Agents Simulation project is obviously the Agents Competitions which are composed of the Infrastructure Competition and the Rescue Agents Competition. However, the community welcomes contributions to developing more simulators or integrating existing simulators with the kernel. See the wiki for more details on the simulators and agent strategies developed.

The Agents and Infrastructure competitions are regimented by a constitution. This is available for download here.

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