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4th to 10th of July 2011 - RoboCupRescue 2011 taking place in Instanbul, Turkey.


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Virtual Robots 2008 World Championships results

1 SEU-Redsun Southeast University China
2 UC Mercenary University of California, Merced, USA
3 Pittsburg Steel Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Outstanding Technical Achievement: Jacops Virtual Rescue 2008, Jacobs University GMBH, Germany


Virtual Robots 2007 World Championships Results

The results of the Virtual Robots competition are:

1: Steel University of Pittsburg, USA
2: Jacobs Rescue Robots . Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
3: SPQR Virtual Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy

The detailed results can be found here

RoboCupRescue 2006 World Championships Results

The results of the first Virtual Robots Competition held at the 2006 RoboCup Rescue World Championships (14-20 June) are given below.

Virtual Robots Competition

Winner: ResQ Robots Freiburg

Runners up:

The organizers also recognized the Steel Team for its inspiring user interface and the UVA for their mapping software.

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